Celebrating Earth Day: La Mesa’s Commitment to Sustainability

As Earth Day approaches, La Mesa gears up to showcase its commitment to preserving sustainability and creating a greener community. From community events to ambitious climate action plans, La Mesa is not just celebrating Earth Day – it's embodying the mission. Let’s explore La Mesa's dedication to sustainability and the exciting initiatives underway to create a more eco-friendly future for all.

Earth Day Celebration

Community outreach is one of the most impactful ways to make a difference. In the spirit of education, the City of La Mesa is hosting the La Mesa Earth Day Fair. The free event will occur on Saturday, April 20 from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM at MacArthur Park, 4900 Memorial Drive. The city welcomes everyone to participate in the festivities and learn more about sustainability.

The fair features hands-on activities, fun projects, and educational resources. You can look forward to garden demonstrations, face painting, and home projects like seed planting and flower crowns. Don’t forget food trucks and a bicycle skills course for the kids! Learn more about the event on the City of La Mesa Website.

La Mesa’s Climate Action Plan

La Mesa isn’t new to sustainable action, and it doesn’t stop with fairs and festivals. La Mesa’s Climate Action Plan, known as CAP, was adopted in March of 2018. According to the City of La Mesa’s Website, CAP’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 53% by 2035. The program plans to achieve this by focusing on energy, transportation, solid waste, water, and green infrastructure.

The CAP program helps the City prioritize projects that support “La Mesa’s vision of a safe, healthy community,“ through environmental consciousness and mitigating climate change. Visit the city’s Climate Action Plan webpage for more information.

The city has already made great strides by securing community grants and implementing edible food recovery outreach programs to reduce food waste. In 2023, the city planted over 50 trees and ran workshops on Native Landscaping to reduce water usage. The same year, the city presented to the Helix AP Environmental Class in City Hall and implemented the Youth Advisory Commission. These steps help set up La Mesa for a greener future.

Visit the city’s webpage on Environmental Sustainability to learn more about the city’s commitment to sustainability as a whole. Or check out the CAP 2024 Annual and Progress Report.

City Action Steps for 2024

So what’s next for the city of La Mesa? In 2024, the city is focusing on local development and community education. According to the January 2024 Climate Action Plan (CAP) and Organics Recycling Progress Report, the city’s priority projects include a Comprehensive Municipal Energy Program, Finishing City Hall’s Drought-Tolerant landscaping and demonstration gardens, and rainwater collection workshops for residents.

The city is also prioritizing sustainable transportation with the La Mesa Complete Streets Project as well as through bicycle education classes. The plan is to make the streets of La Mesa safer for public transport, cyclists, and pedestrians, encouraging more sustainable modes of transportation. 

Getting Involved

Are you looking for ways to get involved in sustainability in La Mesa? Well, you’re in luck. La Mesa isn’t stopping with this year’s Earth Day Fair. Throughout 2024, La Mesa is holding a series of community cleanup events called Litter Free La Mesa where you can participate in making your city healthier! The next cleanup is on May 11, 2024, in the Downtown Village area, followed by Alvarado Avenue on June 29.

But you don’t have to wait for these events to get involved! You can implement sustainable practices in your daily life that can make a huge difference. By saving water, recycling, and reducing food waste you’re well on your way to a cleaner La Mesa. 


As we celebrate Earth Day in La Mesa, it's clear that our city is all in for a sustainable, eco-friendly future. From the lively Earth Day Fair to the bold plans in the city’s Climate Action Plan (CAP), La Mesa is making sustainability real.

With projects like the Municipal Energy Program and the Complete Streets Project, La Mesa’s not just talking the talk, but walking the walk, making the city better for everyone. And with events like Litter Free La Mesa, La Mesa invites everyone to be part of the solution.

So let's keep it rolling! Whether joining in community cleanups or doing the small things every day. Let’s make La Mesa cleaner and greener for generations to come.

Looking to live in a city that takes sustainability seriously? Contact Steven Rotsart today.

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