Suburban Homesteading in East County San Diego 2024

If you have been on social media lately, you may have heard of “suburban homesteading.” Suburban homesteading is a sustainable living and self-sufficiency movement that started in the 90s and has been picking up steam in recent years. Today’s suburban homesteaders prove you don’t need acres of land to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. Having your own homestead is completely doable!

If you’re looking for somewhere to start a suburban homestead, East County San Diego is the perfect place. Suburban homesteading has gained popularity in East County San Diego thanks to the favorable climate, available land, and supportive community. 

What is suburban homesteading?

Suburban homesteading is all about self-sufficiency and sustainability. It’s perfect for those who want to live self-sufficiently, but lack the acreage for a traditional homestead or farm. Suburban homesteading practices include growing fruits and vegetables, raising livestock, and preserving food. Many suburban homesteaders also use sustainable water and energy practices.

In short, the goal of suburban homesteading is to live a more fulfilling and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Sustainable Water and Energy Practices in Suburban Homesteading

It isn’t all about growing food. Suburban homesteads use sustainable water and energy practices to save money and for efficiency. Many suburban homesteaders use rainwater harvesting and drip irrigation systems to minimize water usage in their gardens. In the home, grey-water recycling is another great way to limit excess water usage.

As for electricity, homesteaders often invest in solar panels to lower their energy bills.

Benefits and Challenges of Suburban Homesteading

When done right, suburban homesteading can have huge benefits. That said, suburban homesteading isn’t for everyone. It’s important to consider both the benefits and challenges of suburban homesteading.

Benefits of Suburban Homesteading

By growing their own food, homesteaders have fresh produce without relying on grocery stores and industrial agriculture. Some suburban homesteads are completely self-sufficient: growing food, raising small livestock, and generating electricity. Suburban homesteading also promotes environmental sustainability by preserving natural resources.

Suburban Homesteading Challenges

In the long run suburban homesteading can save you money, but the initial investment can be steep. As a new homesteader, you'll have to consider the costs of equipment, infrastructure, plants, and livestock. Depending on where you live, zoning and regulations can also present obstacles as well. Suburban homesteading also has a steep learning curve for those new to the lifestyle. 

It’s important to keep these challenges in mind before starting your suburban homestead.

Why East County San Diego is a Suburban Homestead Paradise

It may sound shocking, but East County is the best place to have a suburban homestead in San Diego.

Availability of Land: Compared with other San Diego areas, East County has larger properties and cheaper land. This makes it a lot easier to break into the market and start your homestead. Suburban homesteading is possible on any size plot of land, but having more space does open up more opportunities.

Climate and Growing Conditions: The mild San Diego weather means growing seasons never have to end. As a homesteader in East County, you can take advantage of the climate and grow a wide variety of crops year-round. 

Fewer Regulations: Zoning and regulations can be challenges when starting up a suburban homestead. However, East County San Diego typically has lighter restrictions and regulations when compared with other parts of San Diego. 

Supportive Community: East County already has a thriving suburban homestead community ready to welcome new members. As a suburban homesteader in East County San Diego, support is always right around the corner.


Suburban homesteading is a lifestyle based on sustainable living and self-sufficiency. As interest in suburban homesteading continues to grow, East County San Diego stands out as a welcoming and supportive environment for future homesteaders. If you’re interested in buying a home in East County San Diego contact Steven Rotsart, your local East County Real Estate Agent.

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